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January 16, 2014 Full membership Format meeting: Big Data-A Drill Down on What It is, How It Can Be Used, and How Best to Support
Thu 01/16/2014 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

January 16, 2014

Full membership Format meeting: Big Data-A Drill Down on What It is, How It Can Be Used, and How Best to Support

Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum: Meeting Announcement 

Topic: Big Data – A Drill Down on What It is, How It Can Be Used, and How Best to Support

Date: January 16, 2014

Location: Towson University

Please join members of the Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum and invited guests at the January 16 meeting! You are welcome to invite up to two guests if you would like.Mr. Charles Zedlewski, Vice President of Products at Cloudera will begin the meeting with a presentation: "Big Data, Past Present and Future."  The talk will provide an overview of the Big Data landscape including some working definitions of the Big Data trend, and analysis of the business and technical drivers.  The talk will also discuss how software architectures are evolving to meet the Big Data challenge and how those contrast with traditional approaches to data management.  Lastly a few predictions for the future will be covered as well as some advice for how CIO’s should consider evolving their organizations and competencies to embrace this future.

Second, Mr. Matt Mobley of Merkle’s Enterprise Technology Group will examine how an organization understands with whom they are speaking, and what is their relationship to the company’s brand. With the proliferation of addressable touch-points, the ability to detect and capture human behavior has exploded.  Organizations must look at consumer identity and experience as a Big Data problem that must be managed, rationalized and served equally to any point a consumer interacts with the brand. This challenge will be the basis of a use case around how Merkle has adopted Big Data technologies to delivery identity and experience management services to its clients.

Third, Mr. Tim Carroll, Executive Director – Emerging Enterprise at Dell, will discuss the operational impact that Big Data will have on IT management and infrastructure. There is no doubt that Big Data will be transformative to business units, but the operational impact to IT organizations will also be transformative. Dell will discuss the “blocking and tackling” issues facing CIOs now tasked to “stand up Big Data.”  Project management, staffing, deploying, supporting, budgeting are all critical issues that can’t be addressed with a single appliance, software vendor or even system integrator.  But some of the very issues that make the task seem daunting; also provide lower cost, and lower risk points of entry to the next great wave of business productivity computing. 

Please join our members at the meeting! This is a full membership meeting of the Forum. The meeting starts at 8:00 AM and ends by 1PM. Brunch and lunch are provided. Pre-registration is required. Meeting logistics including agenda, directions to the meeting place and parking information will be emailed to you after you register. For registration for this meeting, please contact: Bonnie Lawson at or 410-704-4252

To make inquiries about this meeting or about membership in the Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum, please contact:

Don Lee
Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum
Towson University
(cell) (410) 218-2277
(work) 410-704-6228 information line only


Bonnie Lawson

Administrative Assistant 410-704-4252 or

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