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December 19, 2013 Roundtable membership Format meeting: Breakthroughs: Business Process Improvements Resulting From Use of New Technologies
Thu 12/19/2013 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

December 19, 2013

Roundtable membership Format meeting:

Towson University, West Village Commons, Ballrooms A & B

Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum Meeting Announcement

Topic:  “Breakthroughs: Business Process ImprovementsResulting from Use of New Technologies”

Thursday, December 19, 2013Towson University

Please join CIO members of the Forum at the December 19, 2013 roundtable! The focus for this meeting is to discuss actual business applications that receive real-time data and use it to alter/modify the current business process or other related business processes as (often unanticipated) breakthroughs.

Current technology provides the ability to gather real-time information from almost any point in the business process whether a fixed location or mobile. The internet/cloud environment has expanded the range and level of information gatherable to be almost limitless. Initial use of this capability allowed some business processes to be more visible or sped up (i.e. shipment tracking) but didn’t attempt to modify the business process on the fly while the process was underway based on the information received. Three examples of applications showing progress using these approaches will be presented.

Michael  Berger, Executive Director, IT Application & Infrastructure, The Charmer Sunbelt Group (TCSG) will present the following: As a wholesale distributor the efficiency of Warehouse Operations is a key driver of profitability.  Across the enterprise the warehouses pick over 35Million cases of wine/spirits annually; using automated conveyer and sortation systems.   Prior to implementation of SAP HANA data used by Operations was kept in several niche systems which posed a challenge both for line management and corporate leadership. As ramp-up customer for SAP’s in-memory computing platform HANA, Charmer Sunbelt executed a  project that sought to provide line management within each warehouse with real-time information about all aspects of operations, while at the same time simplifying the process for executive reporting.   While not an easy journey, the system is now fully functional; and delivering all committed to outcomes.  Every warehouse has been outfitted with large monitors that report on the relative efficiency of the core warehouse functions; enabling reallocation of resources to the areas where they are most needed.

Tim Talbot, CIO, Merkle, Inc. will present on the following: Merkle has developed a service that allows its customers to leverage Merkle’s data services in a real time fashion.  One of the early use cases for leveraging the real-time data services was in the Financial Services market.  One of Merkle banking clients wanted to promote a new mortgage product at the point of sale.  The only challenge was the mortgage product only applied to clients that met a specific criteria and this criteria could only be determined by the databases supported by Merkle.  Through close collaboration and design, a solution was implemented that allowed the banking system to “rate” a client at the point of sale to determine if they were a valid candidate for the new product.  This is accomplished without the CSR/Teller having to know anything, the system drives the behavior at the point of sale leveraging Merkle’s real-time data services. This was a huge win for both the Banking institution as well as Merkle.

Ira Levy, CEO, Torrential Systems will discuss: The software described in the case study of a system developed for SuperBookDeals. SuperBookDeals kept physical inventory of varying types of media (books and videos) all of which are considered commodities.  As the number of required inventory grew and the competitive nature of the open online markets took off, new systems were required to stay competitive and maintain margins. As a result a new sourcing, pricing, and order system was developed.  This system allowed the company to eliminate physical inventory and become one of the largest marketplace sellers, currently selling on 26 platforms worldwide, and in 2012 shipped over 2 million packages. Ira will discuss the technology that empowered SBD to be the most competitive in a fast moving, highly aggressive sales channel.

After formal presentations, the roundtable will continue the discussion in open Q&A format.

This is a unique and rare opportunity for CIOs to share knowledge and discuss critical topics in a CIO friendly, confidential environment. The roundtable meeting is restricted to CIO members and guest CIOs. All participants will have signed a non-disclosure agreement. In a roundtable meeting, only CIO members and invited IT executive guests are present; no vendor members, TU staff or professors participate.

The meeting starts at 8:00 AM. Brunch and lunch are provided. The meeting runs until 1:00 PM. Pre-registration is required. Meeting logistics will be emailed to you after you register.  Please join us for this meeting. To register, contact Bonnie Lawson at or call 410-704-4252.

To make inquiries about this meeting or about membership in the Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum, please contact:

Liz Young
Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum
Towson University
(cell) 410-790-9362
(work) 410-704-6228 information line only


Bonnie Lawson

Administrative Assistant 410-704-4252 or

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