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Unified Communication--Current Business Trends and Directions
Thu 04/18/2013 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Unified Communication--Current Business Trends and Directions
Thursday 04/18/2013 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Roundtable Plus membership meeting @ Towson University

Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum - Meeting Announcement

Unified Communication: Current Business Trends & Directions

Date: April 18, 2013

Location: Towson University 


Please join CIO members and invited guests at the April roundtable plus meeting!

 “Just what IS Unified Communication (UC)?  And, equally important, what is it NOT??  How urgently should CIOs be pursuing UC??  What is its compelling business value??  How can an ROI be built to justify it?? What is the ‘right’ organization?  How can functional responsibilities and reporting lines be ‘softened’ so that the right degree of ‘unity’ is introduced while still ensuring accountability? (Dean, 2013)” At this roundtable plus meeting, an in-depth look into unified communication is taken including insights into the strategies of two of the key vendors in this arena.

 First, Karen Dean, Principal of Dean Associates, LLC, will put a definitional framework around UC and position UC within a more broadly defined continuum of converged communications technology and applications. She will suggest an approach CIOs can use to assess the priority UC should have within their own organizations, how they can articulate an approach within their larger technology strategy, and how to facilitate meaningful evaluation of the ‘right time’ to implement UC across key stakeholders in their businesses. Ms. Dean will also provide a high-level overview of key vendors’ approaches to UC and point out key differentiators in their strategies.  Finally, Ms. Dean will highlight some of the less-often discussed challenges companies face in executing and supporting a ‘UC environment’ --- the organizational changes that almost surely must take place. 

Second, David Chavez, Vice President & Chief Technical Officer, Avaya will discuss how Avaya’s industry leading architecture embodied by Avaya Aura and the application environment it supports can help any CIO or IT leader bring some sanity into this process. In speaking to the industry and market changes, Mr. Chavez will cover

 ·         Importance of non-call infrastructure and architecture for security and

·         The likely evolution of mobile technology and its impact to enterprise collaborative capabilities

·         New web based Real Time Communication Multi-Media functions and their impact to the market

·         New methods of Security attacks in the communication’s world and what you need to prepare for

·         New entrants in the Communications market and what to expect

·         Other topics of that interest the CIO’s in attendance

Third, Chris Moss, Worldwide Collaboration CTO for Cisco, will discuss Cisco’s strategic direction in Collaboration and how Cisco is positioned to lead the way for its customers and partners into the next generation of Collaboration. “All companies now know that business success is achieved by improving employee productivity and efficiency through effective collaboration and communication.  This imperative means integrating all the important elements that connect employees, partners, and customers. (Moss, 2013)".  Mr. Moss will discuss key drivers, trends and technology changes that are driving collaboration in companies today.  He will share success stories, lessons learned, and benefits of deploying Cisco Collaboration technologies.

This meeting is a Roundtable Plus meeting. Only CIO members, guest CIOs and guests invited by CIO members for this roundtable will be attending. The roundtable format will be used and all participants will have signed a non-disclosure agreement. (NDA). Please join our members at the meeting! The meeting starts at 8:00 AM and ends by 1PM. Brunch and lunch are provided.   Pre-registration is required. Meeting logistics including agenda, directions to the meeting place and parking information will be emailed to you after you register. For registration for this meeting, please contact: Bonnie Lawson at or 410-704-4252.


To make inquiries about this meeting or about membership in the Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum, please contact:

Liz Young
Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum
Towson University
(cell) 410-790-9362
(work) 410-704-6228 information line


Bonnie Lawson
Administrative Assistant

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