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Business Analytics/Pattern Analytics--Way Beyond Data Reporting!
Thu 02/21/2013 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Business Analytics/Pattern Analytics--Way Beyond Data Reporting!

Thursday 2/21/2013 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Roundtable Plus meeting @ Towson University

 Topic: Business Analytics/Pattern Analytics: Way Beyond Data Reporting

 Date: February 21, 2013  

Please join CIO members and invited guests at the February roundtable plus! 

How are businesses using business analytics? How are businesses evolving into using pattern analytics? How does a company optimize the patterns of its critical data? What are the challenges?  How does migration from business analytics into pattern analytics work both strategically and practically?

In the first half of the roundtable plus meeting, Mario Passalacqua, Worldwide Director of Predictive Analytics, IBM will explore how Pattern - and more broadly Predictive Analytics accelerates the ability to gain insight while also enhancing decision-making to a broader group of individuals - many of whom will never directly interact with its technology. 

Investments into Business Intelligence continue to be among the top three areas into which CIO's are directing their budgets.  After over six years in this top category, how can there continue to be such unfulfilled needs to create reports?  The paradigm of centrally-created, volume-distributed, pixel perfect charts and tables has given way to business-user developed and iteratively-executed queries to gain insight into non-obvious relationships.  We pursue this with the goal of making a better decision - by an analyst, by a business user - ultimately by even the line workers within the organization, for the greater the degree to which decision-making can be improved, the greater is the leverage to reduce costs, increase revenues and ultimately improve profitability.  Time constraints and accuracy remain as the two major roadblocks to realizing this goal.  Pattern Analytics is emerging as a mainstream technology to address these obstacles across a broad variety of roles within the organization.” (Passalacqua, 2013).

In the second part of the roundtable, Ron Park, Vice President, Merkle Analytics Lead, Merkle, Inc. will, from a practitioner’s perspective will discuss the market forces and review actual examples of how analytics is being used today to drive measurement, relevance and even brand strategy. 

 "Analytics has been a part of marketing for decades, mostly in support of campaign tactics.  Today, analytics is at an inflection point.  The digitization of information is creating massive challenges (and opportunities) as data is getting generated at an unprecedented rate.  We refer to this as "digital exhaust" as we now consumers are leaving a digital trail of behavioral information.  This age of Big Data is creating the need for an evolution in analytics and represents a great opportunity to create true competitive separation.” (Park, 2013) 

This meeting is a Roundtable Plus meeting. Only CIO members, guest CIOs and guests invited by CIO members for this roundtable will be attending. The roundtable format will be used and all participants will have signed a non-disclosure agreement. (NDA). Please join our members at the meeting! The meeting starts at 8:00 AM and ends by 1PM. Brunch and lunch are provided.   Pre-registration is required. Meeting logistics including agenda, directions to the meeting place and parking information will be emailed to you after you register. For registration for this meeting, please contact: Bonnie Lawson at or 410-704-4252.


To make inquiries about this meeting or about membership in the Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum, please contact:

Liz Young
Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum
Towson University
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Bonnie Lawson
Administrative Assistant
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