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 Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum

Monthly Meeting Schedule

The following is a schedule of the monthly Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum meetings for the current Forum Year. The year falls from July 1 through June 30. The Forum meetings usually occur on the third Thursday of every month from September through May. The meetings are typically held from 8:00AM – 1:00PM with a networking brunch and lunch provided. There are three types of regular meetings: CIO Roundtable, CIO Roundtable Plus and Full Membership. The CIO Roundtable meetings are restricted to CIO members and invited guests. The CIO Roundtable Plus is restricted to CIOs and one guest per CIO invited by the CIO member. Full Membership meetings include Vendor member representatives, CIO members and invited guests of both CIO's and vendors.  CIO only meetings are considered confidential and all participants are under confidentiality agreements to participate. Full membership meetings are more open meetings and participation may include invited staff members and other associates of the members. At times, special meetings may be scheduled at the approval of the Board of Directors of the Forum. The Board of Directors approves the topics, presenters and invitation list for all meetings. The format at each meeting is formal presentation(s) and discussion with meeting participants. Continental breakfast, snack, and lunch are provided. For further information please contact Liz Young at: or 410-704-6228.

2013 -2014 Events
September 18, 2013   Golf Invitational-2013
September 19, 2013   CIO to CIO Roundtable
October 17, 2013   October 17, 2013 Full membership format meeting: Nexus of Forces
November 21, 2013   November 21, 2013 Roundtable Plus Format meeting: Security Moving from Monitoring Toward Prevention
December 19, 2013   December 19, 2013 Roundtable membership Format meeting: Breakthroughs: Business Process Improvements Resulting From Use of New Technologies
January 16, 2014   January 16, 2014 Full membership Format meeting: Big Data-A Drill Down on What It is, How It Can Be Used, and How Best to Support
February 20, 2014   February 20, 2014 Roundtable Plus membership format meeting: The Latest in the Changing Role of the CIO
March 20, 2014   March 20, 2014 Full membership Format meeting: Collaboration – Approaches and Solutions for Internal and External Deployment, Adoption, and Effectiv
April 17, 2014   April 17, 2014 Roundtable Plus membership format meeting: IT organization Strategies: Staff Skill sets, University Offerings
May 3, 2014   May 3, 2014 Spring Social Event-by invitation only
May 15, 2014   May 15, 2014 CIO to CIO
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