Executive Networking and Seminars

We provide a collaborative environment for members to share information about emerging trends and current issues related to business and information technology management. The Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum provides access to speakers of local, national, and international prominence through strategic alliances between Towson University and the business community.

Professional Development Seminars

We offer professional seminars to enhance the professional development experience of your employees.

International and National Affiliations

Benefit from Towson University’s contacts with local, national and international institutions for world-wide access to critical issues in Information Technology.

Build Business and Academic Partnerships with Towson University

Members of the Forum engage in partnerships with faculty and students at Towson University on projects of mutual interest.  Further, the Forum members seek to strengthen the business and academic partnership by serving on the advisory boards and committees for the Center for Applied Information Technology to provide counsel on curricula issues.

Rely on Towson University for Information Technology Resources

Members receive access to information technology resources at Towson University at a reasonable cost – computer training laboratories, multi-media classrooms, and meeting facilities.

Participation in a Spin-Off Security Networking Group

CIO Members can have their Security Officer and/or Admin participate in a Security Networking Group (SNG) sponsored by the CIO Forum that has over 30 members currently. The SNG determines topics of mutual and joint interests to discuss and pursue common solutions and resolution for security related issues share by our member companies and agencies. The SNG apprises our CIO members of topics and issues that should be discussed in our Open Forums. For more information see the SNG’s Webpage.