Ed Krupka, Jr., Burris Logistics, December 2017:

“Probably one of the very best meetings I’ve attended due to presentation quality, content and relevance of both speakers. And the revisions to the format this year is very good. Varied hosts. Organized. Balanced time for presentations and networking. Am so glad I’m a part of M/A CIO Forum! Thank you all! Ed”

John Holmes, McCormick & Co, December 2016:

“ Anirban (Basu) was excellent and to the extent we can afford paid speakers, we should consider more in the future. Madeline (Weiss) was very good. I liked her specific case studies. The more we can draw on specific examples, the better.”

John Holmes, McCormick & Co, February 2017:

“It was great to have two competitive vendors presenting on the same day. Q&A session at the end    was the best we’ve had all year. I support this exact same format meeting again for next year.”

Don Lee, Retired Stanley Black & Decker, Emeritus M-A CIOF, December 2016:

“Enjoyed the location. Anirban Basu was excellent. We should have him back. Dr. Weiss was good, but had a hard act to follow. It was a morning well spent”