John Holmes, McCormick & Co, December 2016:

“ Anirban (Basu) was excellent and to the extent we can afford paid speakers, we should consider more in the future. Madeline (Weiss) was very good. I liked her specific case studies. The more we can draw on specific examples, the better.”

John Holmes, McCormick & Co, February 2017:

“It was great to have two competitive vendors presenting on the same day. Q&A session at the end    was the best we’ve had all year. I support this exact same format meeting again for next year.”

Don Lee, Retired Stanley Black & Decker, Emeritus M-A CIOF, December 2016:

“Enjoyed the location. Anirban Basu was excellent. We should have him back. Dr. Weiss was good, but had a hard act to follow. It was a morning well spent”