The Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum has several former CIO’s who are now Emeritus Members. Don Taylor retired as CIO at Perdue, Tom Lonegro retired from a senior IT role at Black & Decker, Dave Powell retired as VP and CIO at AAI, and Don Lee retired as VP, Corporate Information Services at Black & Decker. These Emeritus Members are offering their advice and counsel to the Forum’s membership for free. There are several ways to obtain this advice:

  • Forward an Email with your question regarding some area/topic that you might seek mentoring advice on.
  • Set up a Conference Call with all or several of these Emeritus Members (Bonnie can set these calls up). In advance of the call, the topic to be discussed should be shared.
  • Set up a meeting at Towson University or your offices as you might elect to discuss a topic. Again, Bonnie can help in setting these meetings up.

The parameters for this advice and counsel are:

  • Although these Emeritus members might be somewhat current on the technology, they are not experts; and there are other ways to obtain more current and detailed information on the technology specifically, like Gartner or from vendors themselves. Topics, therefore, for the Emeritus members should pertain to your organization, presenting cases to senior management and your Board, and other issues of this nature.
  • Meetings, calls, and interactions should be limited timewise and in scope to about 5 to 10 hours including preparation and conducting the actual meeting or call. Of course, we realize that multiple calls/meetings/Emails may be required; but we will have to use reasonable judgment on the commitment. Emeritus members retain the right to limit the commitment and time involved in this mentoring. And you may not have all Emeritus members nor the same members involved in each interaction.
  • It is expected that the Emeritus members would be meeting with you and/or key members of your staff, and that you would have prepared appropriately to assure an effective meeting, call, and engagement.

Again this mentoring is by your request, will be held in confidence if you would like, and absolutely without any fee or obligation. Our hope is that you view this as another “value add” to being a member of the Mid-Atlantic CIO Forum.